Rabat, Morocco

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His background

  • Today


    M R

    2000_2004: Chef du service CDN
    2004_2007: Chef du service TELECOM
    2007_2008: COMMANDANT UNITE
    2008_2010: Chef du service MISSILE/ARTILLERIE
    2010_2011: Adjt/Chef du service 1BN
  • Génie Militaire et Maritime

    Engineer Officer Beta_Tester

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His skills

  • Telecom
  • Sécurité Incendie
  • Logistique & transport
  • Detection
  • Enginneering
  • Genie Systemes Embarquès
  • Marine Ops
  • Navigation
  • Networking Guru
  • Automatism
  • Asservissement

His languages

  • Arabic
    ****Mother tongue
  • English
  • French

    His keywords

    2000_2004: Head of CDN2004_2007: Head of Telecom2007_2008: UNIT COMMANDER2008_2010: Head of MISSILE / ARTILLERY2010_2011: Adjt / Head of 1BN

    About him

    A graduate of the ERN (Royal Naval College), I can bring my knowledge and expertise in automation, servo, mechanical, hydraulic, traditional security, management and HR / equipment,.

    Responsive and very adaptable, I am convinced that a company like yours will appreciate my motivation and drive that inspires me. Your goals become mine and I know how to invest in your projects
    YOU ask rigor, methodology and professionalism and personal attention at all times. My internship allowed me to have a good view of this environment and put into practice my knowledge. Rewarding, they convinced me of my desire to get involved further on behalf of a company that will offer me a position of responsibility.
    2000_2004: Head of CDN
    2004_2007: Head of Telecom
    2007_2008: UNIT COMMANDER
    2008_2010: Head of MISSILE / ARTILLERY
    2010_2011: Adjt / Head of 1BN
    2011-2012 : Manager
    I stand at your disposal and I think that an interview will allow me to convince you of my serious.

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