Anne-Sophie  Martin

Anne-Sophie Martin

Journaliste, La Vie Eco

En poste chez La Vie Eco

Précédents : Les Echos, La Vie Eco, Association Al Amana


Précédents : Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, Université Strasbourg 3 Robert Schuman, University Of Edinburgh, Université Aix Marseille 1 Provence, Lycée Giocante De Casabianca


    En résumé

    My first step into the working life was as a project manager within a microfinance institution. From that first true job, I learnt how to manage an invitation to tender and more widely the rules of working in an NGO. Since then, I have been working as a journalist specialized in sustainable development, IT and microfinance . I found myself more than satisfied by the profession of journalist. And I would now be interested in working as a French correspondent in an English-speaking country or a French-speaking country. I would not mind either to try other media than written press such as radio broadcast. Specialties



Chez La Vie Eco

De novembre 2012 à aujourd'hui


Chez Les Echos

De 2011 à octobre 2012
Les Echos is a Moroccan daily paper treating mainly economics but not only.


Chez La Vie Eco

De 2009 à 2011
La Vie Eco is a Moroccan economic weekly newspaper. Since July 2009, I am journalist within the economy service. I have been writing mainly about: • Sustainable development : Moroccan solar project, Moroccan wind project, waste processing, recycling, climate change, UN & NGO financing. • IT : ...
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Chargé de projet

Chez Association Al Amana

De 2008 à 2009
• Coordinating within the committee responsible of the purchase process of a cash flow management software • Involvement in the financial transactions and cash flow management


  • Editing
  • Manager
  • Microsoft Project
  • Reporting

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