Moncef Belkhayat

Moncef Belkhayat

Cameraman - monteur, En recherche active

En formation chez ISFCE

Précédents : Prep'Art, EMCC ( Ecole Des Metiers De Cinema A Casablanca ), Ifj Sup, Université Abdelmalek ESSAADI, FST De Tanger, Lycée Ibn Al Khatib


Précédents : Casablanca Pictures, Anadolu Ajansi, Ecole Superieure du Journalisme et de Communication ESJC, Casablanca pictures, Laayoune Production, TIBU Maroc, Connection media, Awmane Production, Toubqal Editions, Mammutfilm



ISFCE, Bruxelles

Bachelor en marketing, Marketing

De October 2015 à aujourd'hui

Prep'Art, Bruxelles

Année preparatoire en réalisation, Atelier préparatoire aux écoles supérieures du cinéma

De October 2014 à July 2015

Chef Monteur

Chez Casablanca Pictures

De April 2014 à July 2014
Senior Editor in "1001 nights" serie. I was resonsible of the editing crow, we was 7. We had been in set, editing in the same time of shooting. It was a great and constructive experience, especially with the proximity the shootin crew.


Chez Ecole Superieure du Journalisme et de Communication ESJC

De October 2013 à June 2014
I gave courses of Photography, cinemathography and editing for futur journalists. We had had an excellents moments of exchange, I have realy liked the ambiance and I have been pleased with the increament of students and their talents and skills.

Repoteur d'image

Chez Anadolu Ajansi

De November 2013 à April 2014
As an image reporter, I had covered several events ( politic, cultural, artistic...), I had shot, photograph, edit and upload my reports in the same day. I really liked this experience although it was, sometimes, stressful and tiring jobn but I had learen to be fast and goal oriented. I don't forget ...
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Documentary register

Chez TIBU Maroc

De August 2013 à October 2013
I covered the whole activities of TIBU camp 2013. I shot the several sport activities and I organised some interviews with organisers, responsibles, visitors ... and I made a long report (around 40') about this camp.

Cameraman, Editor

Chez TIBU Maroc

De July 2013 à August 2013
I made 21 videopromotions (2' to 6') showing different TIBU international tourney avtivities.


Chez Casablanca pictures

De March 2013 à July 2013
I made editing of the 1st episode of the television serie "Chahrazade"


Chez Connection media

De December 2010 à June 2013
It was my firs real job experiece, around 3 years in the same society. In the first 3 months, My boss entrested me the reponsibility of trailers, so I made the trailers of the most importent shows -especially an investigations show which named 45 minutes. but I edited in the same time other ...
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Chez Laayoune Production

May 2013
I was set photographer in the short film "twist"


Chez Awmane Production

De May 2010 à June 2010
I was set photographer in the Moroccan film "Andalousie mon amour"

Editor assistant

Chez Awmane Production

De May 2010 à June 2010
I made the transcodation, synchronization of the rushes and I prepared FCP projet for the editor.


Chez Toubqal Editions

May 2010
I made shoots for the Toubqal Edition's poster.

Cameraman, Editor

Chez Mammutfilm

De November 2009 à December 2009
I made the back stage of mammutfilm part documentary shot in Morocco which named "God save the green".

Ifj Sup, Casablanca

BAC+2, Ifj Sup

De October 2006 à June 2008
camera / montage/son


  • Cameraman
  • Editor
  • Photographer

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